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Cummins QuietConnect™ RS20AC

Neill Gas is a master distributor of Cummins Generators. The QuietConnect series generators include weather-protective, sound insulated enclosures. These efficient, quiet, compact generators are designed and manufactured in the USA.

We can provide our customers generators from 13kw-100kw. Neill Gas primarily sells our customers the 20kw Cummins QuietConnect RS20AC and transfer switch package.


The RS20AC is a standby generator that operates on propane, monitors the power company lines 24/7, and automatically starts when it detects and outage.

Remote Internet Access

Remote internet access is fully functional and integrated into the generator controller. Access the generator controller on any smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Operate the generator manually, program the exercise cycle, view status and reports, or schedule maintenance.

Prevents Overloading

Control up to four central air conditioners. The generator controller can remember the load requirements of four different air conditioners and allow them to turn on and off when power is available. This prevents overloading and allows a smaller, more fuel-efficient generator to do the work of a larger unit.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The A045P697 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) has a NEMA 3R rating for indoor and outdoor use that installs between the utility meter and a typical 200-amp main service panel. The generator controller monitors the utility supply 24 / 7 and automatically starts the generator the moment an outage is detected. After the generator starts, it signals the transfer switch to supply the home with power from the generator.


QuietConnect Air-Cooled Generators include a five-year / 2000-hour limited warranty that covers travel and labor for two years and parts for a full five years. The A045P697 ATS had a separate 2-year warranty independent of the generator.


Dimensions34.1L x 36W x 27.3H
598 lbs
Rated Watts20kW LP
Rated Amps83.3 LP
Decibel Rating 7m65 dbA @ 23 ft
LP Consumption Full Load3.2 gal/hr
LP Consumption Half Load1.9 gal/hr
Transfer Switch Weight58 lbs

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