Propane Delivery Plans On Your Schedule

Our residential propane customers may choose from a number of propane delivery and payment options.

Keep Full

Our Degree Day System calculates your propane usage with the outside temperature. These factors help determine when your next delivery from Neill Gas will be in order to keep your tank full.

Will Call

Keep track of your own gas levels and call Neill Gas when you need a delivery. We recommend that customers call us when they’re at 30% full for their next fuel delivery.

Pre-Buy Price

Pay up front and save on your propane costs! We offer a “Pre-Buy Price” which is a discounted price per gallon when you pay up front for all or some of your gas needed for the winter. This program has a start and end date.

Lock-In Pricing

Much like the “Pre-Buy” option, Lock-In Pricing allows customers to save on fuel costs. However, if the customer cannot pay up front for all or some of their gas, we will charge a small lock-in fee to ensure the price of their gas does not go up over the period of the contract.

Budget Program

Our Budget Program is an 11-month budget (July-May), with the 12th month (June) being a reconcile month. Your monthly propane bill is based on your yearly average usage multiplied by the going rate of propane and divided by 11.

Buy Propane with Neill Gas

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