May 2019: Propane in the News

Propane Proven a Smarter Way to Power Vehicles

Texas Town to Run School Buses on Propane

The Georgetown Independent School District in Georgetown, Texas made the smart decision to cut costs and fuel emissions by purchasing 33 new school buses that run on propane gas instead of diesel. The district will now save over $75,000 in fuel costs a year. Read more about the fleet.

UK Heat Pump Manufacturers are Turning to Propane

Heat Pumps (similar to Central Air units in the US) in the UK manufactured by Vaillant and Wolf are switching to refrigerant-grade propane (R290) instead of Fluorinated (greenhouse) gases to charge them.

LAX Caterer Launches Propane Delivery Trucks

Hacor, an in-flight catering services provider at LAX airport, has deployed seven delivery trucks that are fueled by propane autogas. These trucks are coupled with the ROUSCH CleanTech fuel system. The fuel system is 90% cleaner than the EPA’s most stringent, heavy-duty engine standard.

UPS Debuts a Propane-Powered Terminal Tractor

Power Solutions International and TICO Manufacturing have developed a new UPS terminal tractor powered by propane! The 8.8-liter on-road propane engine truck is widely used in distribution centers, rail terminals, and ports to move semi-trailers and shipping containers.

New Kentucky Propane Tank Manufacturing Plant

A $10 million+ manufacturing plant is being proposed in Campbellsville, Kentucky that will make new propane tanks. The plant will employ 175 people in next few years.

What’s the Buzz with Propane?

Propane is an efficient, cleaner-burning alternative to natural gas and electricity. Neill Gas provides propane installation and delivery to homes and businesses across Mississippi and Louisiana. Want to get in on Propane? Contact us today.