Why Propane Powers Forklifts

Power Your Forklift with Affordable, Lasting Propane

One of the most popular uses for propane in a commercial business setting is to fuel propane-powered forklifts. Why is propane the preferred way to power forklifts? Wouldn’t electricity or diesel work just as well? Let’s discover why.

Health and Safety

Propane leaves a much lower carbon footprint than diesel fuel. A diesel-powered forklift in an enclosed warehouse space can create serious exhaust fumes. The environmental impacts on the planet aren’t good, but the impact on workers may be worse.

Lots of Power

Full propane cylinders can last a full day of work, whereas diesel may need fill ups and electric can wear out before the day is done. Plus, if workers forget to plug their forklift batteries in to charge overnight, you’ve lost many hours of productivity. Knowing that you won’t be running out of fuel is almost priceless.

Affordable Fuel Costs

In our neck of the woods (Mississippi & Louisiana), propane is very affordable up against diesel and electric as fuel sources.

Higher Performance

Propane-powered forklifts outperform electric forklifts that are used in constant/high duty applications.

Use Propane for Your Commercial Forklifts

Neill Gas offers convenient delivery of forklift cylinder propane throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. To learn more about this service or to sign up, contact your closest Neill Gas location.